Scientific explanations about ethnicity composition

About GeneLife and Genesis Healthcare

Genesis Healthcare specializes in genetic research and testing and has provided genetic tests to the research and medical community for over 16 years. Our position as a leader in Japan is a testament to the trust we have gained with customers and partners over the years.


With its own labarotary in Tokyo, Genesis Healthcare has pioneered genetic research and testing for medical institutions as well as direct-to-consumer through its brand GeneLife.

Over the years, more than 830,000+ users have trusted GeneLife and Genesis Healthcare to undertake genetic testing. It has allowed the company to validate and improve its science and algorithm over time.

Research and partnerships

Genesis Healthcare and GeneLife is actively involved in genetic research and development across multiple domains.

In the domain of ancestry composition and population migrations, Genesis Healthcare has been collaborating in joint-research with the National Institute of Genetics in Japan for more than three years. For additional information, please visit

About your ethnic composition

In order to estimate your ethnic composition, we use a reference panel comprising of a range of ethnic groups from Asia and around the world.


Your DNA results have been matched against the reference panel in order to estimate your ethnic composition. All ethnicities might not fully be covered in our reference panel and in such a case, the ethnic group would not be identified in the results provided. Our reference panel will be continuously enriched to ensure most ethnicities are included.

In addition, your ethnic estimate will feature a range of possible percentages by making multiple comparisons of your DNA against our reference panel. While the most consistent and related results will be displayed, the possible range are estimates. This is a very common practice within the industry.

As more users undertake our genetic tests, our panel reference, algorithms and analysis will be enhanced to provide more refined information as well as reflect latest developments, technology updates and new scientific discoveries. We are transparent about our science and look to keep enhancing our algorithms for further accuracy.

Your DNA does not change throughout your lifetime, however based on constant research and development, GeneLife keeps refining and improving its science. This may result in getting the information and content displayed to be refreshed or changed any time, including your results.

To learn more about our science, read more here.